Melissa & Kevin

Hi Shelley,

Here is Eliza and Athena Paddington Bear at 6 years of age.  We LOVE our dog and she LOVE's the baby!

Melissa and Kevin


Athena at 6 years old!


Hi Shelley,

Zorah is the cutest puppy.  She is everything we wanted.  We have a lot of fun with her.  Sabu and Zorah and the two cats get along really well.  Thank you!




Dorothy & Armand (1)

Hi Shelley,

We want to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving Day.

I hope all is well for you, we are doing fine.  Toby is doing so well, the vet was excited when he saw him, I never witnessed the vet so interested over a dog before. Doc said he is in perfect shape.  :)

Here are the latest photos of Toby.  He helps Armand keep the geese behind the fencing until we find the hole in the fence.  As you can see, he is very good at not getting too close and is also great at controlling himself.  He listens very well to Armand's commands.

Have a great day, take care and keep in touch...

Dorothy and Armand


Toby at 8 months herding geese!

Fred (1)

Hi Shelley!

Thanks again for Thunder!



Thunder at 9 months!

Grany & Stacey

Hi Shelley,

Grant and Stacey up here in the cold northwest of Canada we just love Thunder to death he is such a good friend to both of us, we have never seen a shepherd that loves to cuddle as much as he does whom I  might add thinks he is a lap dog.  We have just finished going through basic obedience with some basic agility at the super-dog spectrum. Our trainer Lori absolutely loves Thunder and has asked us if we would be interested in training Thunder for the big screen movies that are shot up here in the mountains.  Lori feels for being as young as he is that he is a very intelligent dog. Here is a picture of him at about 11 months.

Thanks and hope you like the picture!

Grant and Stacey


Thunder at 11 months!

Roni & Laura

Hi Shelley,  

Here are Oso and Bear.  Both are great in their own special way, they play rough, but than cuddle and fall asleep.  Thank you again for your care and for the most beautiful dogs in the world. We'll keep you up to date on their progress.  

Roni and Laura 


Oso (plush coat) and Bear (long coat)!



Thank you again for the beautiful girl! She is everything I expected and more!.Here is a picture of her and Bear. I'll send you more photos as they come along!!


Bear and Bracha!