Chateau de Chief

Chateau De Chief has been showing, training, breeding and judging for over twenty years.  We have been involved with several organizations and are active Officers of the American King Shepherd Club.  We have also been on the Board of the Directors of the United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club.

We have bred numerous Champions, Obedience Winners, Therapy Dogs and many more family companions.  We have always been around our large Shepherds and have always had at least one Newfoundland to watch over the family's swimming pool!  Currently we "are owned" by one of the sweetest, largest, and handsomest Newfies that has ever stormed through our doors: Ch. Kudo!

Ch. Kudo is an American Kennel Club Champion who finished his AKC championship within 2 months.  He has been show sparingly in Breed Competition and has chalked up multiple breed wins and a group placement.  Below are photos of our Ch. Kudo.  Enjoy!