Hi Shelley,

Beau weighs 108 as of our last visit to the vet (10 months).  He is such a great dog.  The kids just love him and he is nothing but gentle with all of their shenanigans!  Thanks for such a great pick! 



Beau at 10 months!


Shelley, Happy New Year!!! 

We received your wonderful holiday card, thank you.

I have attached some pictures of Wolf from last year.   The vet says she loves his build and personality.  This vet used to raise German Shepherds and is well known for tending a variety of livestock which we hope to begin housing shortly. 

Talk to you soon,



Wolf at 16 months!



Hope all is well with you and your family.  Minka had a checkup today.  She is doing great.  The other patients there could not believe how well behaved she is.  She sits and stays quite well.  Minka will officially start puppy classes next week (the first week was just for the owners).  Here’s a picture with Minka and her neighbor pal, who she plays very gentle with.  The Vet keeps telling me she could not have a better disposition!  Minka weighed in at 41.9 pounds.  Here are a few more pictures these are from a disposable CD camera.  I received a nice one for Christmas, so I will not have to wait to take a roll then develop.  So I will get some newer ones out soon.  Hope you enjoy these.




Michael (1)


Here's a picture of Cassie at age 2.  She is healthy and playful as the day we got her.  She is amazing with Nicholas and Olivia and is remarkably gentle with our 2 yorkies, Chompers and Gizmo.   

Happy New year!   






Dear Shelley,   At the end of the year a brief update on Biko. He is doing very well.  He loves his "kingdom". A big garden which we now fenced in. He also loves his toys, especially when they are beeping, although in the mean time he dismantled about six footballs.  

His ears are now up and this week, he started to lift his leg. I guess he is figuring out how to grow up. Most of the time he is very well behaved, although there are days when his eyes already betray that he is nothing but naughty thoughts.  Anyway, attached a recent picture.  

Have a merry Christmas and a fantastic 2004.  

Warm regards,  



Biko at 9 months!


Hi Shelley,  

I hope all is well with you and your family.  I am attaching pictures of Tucker.  He is doing great.  He loves to chew on our Golden Retriever Baxter.  I just can't seem to break him of that.  Our Belgian is getting a little more tolerant of him but still unsure of him.  

When Tucker drinks from the water dish he puts his feet in the bowl.  It looks very cute but of course he makes a watery mess on the floor.  We just love him so much.  He is growing so fast.  I will try to send more pictures in another 4 weeks so you can see how he is progressing.  I can't tell you enough what a joy he is to have.  



tucker at 8 weeks!

Leo & Nina (1)

Hi Shelley,  

Here's Dakota now at 5 months. He'll be going to obedience school in a few weeks and I'm sure he'll do very well. It's incredible how intelligent and loving he is. Nina and I again can't thank you enough for such joy we get from him. We'll keep you posted on his progress.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!                                                                                   

Leo & Nina


Dakota at 5 months!