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Testimony Pictures

Hi Shelley!

I just wanted to update you on our little boy (he's not so
little). I took him to the vet last week for his 3 mos. checkup/shots & he weighed 33 lbs. Our newfie weighed 35lbs at 3 mos. He's going to be a big guy! He's definitely a character & is giving Thor ( our malamute) a rough time. They play constantly & Zeus holds his own against Thor. He won't back down at all!
We are starting puppy classes this week. He is quite smart. He already knows to sit, heel, & can catch a ball in the air. We are trying to teach him to catch a frisbee, but he would rather chew on them right now. He also goes to all of our daughter's high school softball games & the girls think he is their mascot. He is so well behaved, he just sleeps thru all the action!
We are having a blast with him- he keeps us laughing constantly! Thanks for bringing him into our lives!

Dear Shelley,

I just wanted to let you that Petunia is absolutely the best dog I have ever
owned (or she owns me). She is not only beautiful, but she is so very well-behaved and has been
since the day she arrived.

We just got back from a 3 mile walk, and she is sound asleep in the kitchen.
She has a great appetite and is growing by leaps and bounds.

If I ever figure out how to scan photos I will send you one of her.   She is


S. Brackett
Hi Shelley
Maverik is growing big and strong!
We take him wherever we go. He enjoys riding in the back of my truck.
He is very obedient and wants to be a good dog. He learns very
quickly and seldom does things we don't like more than once or twice.
                             Dr. T
Shelley:   We are very happy with the puppy.  At four months, Dante is 60 lbs. with a very sweet disposition.  He fits into this household of kids, cats and dogs very well.
                    D. Price


I just thought I would let you know that Mishka is doing great!
She and Sasha are good friends.  Mishka doesn't like to do anything without her big sister.  She is eating really well.  When we weighed her at the vets on the Monday after getting her she was 21.2 lbs.  I have a feeling she weighs more then that now.  She is growing like a weed!  She loves to chase the cats still.  I am hoping she grows out of that soon.  She is a happy puppy though.  As soon as I finish up my roll of film I will send you pictures of her and my nephews.  There should be some cute ones.  I hope things are going well with you.



November 6 - Shelley wrote:

Angela - Thank you for the beautiful photos of Mishka!

November 8, Angela responded:

No, I should thank you :)  She is a beautiful dog and that is
because you are a great breeder who cares about the animals she produces.  I adore Mishka.  She is really a wonderful and sweet loving dog.  I wanted to let you know that I bought the New Encyclopedia of Dog.  It is really an interesting book.  I was amazed at how many breeds the AKC does not recognize.  Anyhoo...Bustah is beautiful.  I hope things are going well for you.

Take Care,


Mishka, getting a bath at 3 1/2 months of age!


Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with me on Saturday.  Your mother and I talked like we had known each other for a long time. Your son is quite "the man" -- and he knows it. It was easy to see that he is the light of his Mom's eye!  You are a very special person! God has given you many gifts. I thank you for sharing.

Only God  could have guided you as your decision was made to select that cute, bold, " you can look but don't touch" puppy that is EXACTLY what I wanted.  Her color, markings, TEMPERAMENT, and conformation are wonderful!!  I wanted you to read my mind and you did!  Congratulations!!  

Praying for you and yours,  I am In HIS service
PS       If I can ever help in any way, please don't hesitant to let me know!!

Hello Shelley,
We are all in LOVE with our Harley. His is becoming wonderful in everyway. He has matured a lot and keeps us all amused, and of course, he loves us back.

Thank you for raising a splendid breed!
A. Pires

Hello Shelley,

Great news!  I had the roll of Harley's photos after all!  He's so sweet and handsome, loves EVERYONE, loves to PLAY!  His favorite pastimes are: chewing his toys, chasing frisbees, catching balls, and riding in the car.  His least favorite pastime is eating his expensive food with the expensive supplements (smile).  So how did he get SO BIG!?

I hope to send you more photos in the not-so-distant future.  When the snow flies!


A. Pires

Harley at 4 months of age!

Dear Shelley!

This is our lovely Cooper!  He comes first before anyone in the family!


Cooper, a youngster taking a swim!

Hi Shelley,
Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas card! Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that Clifford is doing great! We just completed our puppy obedience classes and Clifford took best trained puppy in the class. We begin our next level of obedience training on January 8th. Clifford now weighs 40 lbs and is a real beauty! I am going to send you a few pictures. Clifford has a beautiful coat.  I can't say enough about Clifford and how wonderful she is.  She is very easy to train and is WONDERFUL with my two little boys.  Even though she is only 15 weeks old she has always had a calmness and maturity about her.
As you can imagine we love her very, very much!
I also wanted to remind you that I am interested in a "show prospect" puppy.  
Once again, we hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a Happy
and Healthy New Year!
Michele, Doug, Michael, William and CLIFFORD 
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