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Testimony Pictures

Good morning Shelley.
I just wanted to let  you know that I took Sydnie to the vet Saturday to weight her.  Sydnie weights 91 lbs. at 8 months old.
How is she doing compared to the rest of the litter?  I am going to try to weight her every month and I will let you know her progress. When my husband gets home at night from work, she is so excited!  She is a daddy's girl!

I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great!  Sydnie and Sasha are the best of buddies!
She is such a good girl.  She is 100% puppy!
I will talk with you later.
L. Ann



Wolfy is very healthy and happy.  She gets so much attention with the other dogs and kids.   In general, she is an energetic, precocious little shepherd puppy. Much more out-going than the standard poodle pup (4 1/2 months).  The Standard poodle pup plays roughly with her (doesn't hurt her, just is physical).  But Wolfy holds her own while only half her size.

It is amazing how fast she has grown!  I am taking her to the vet Saturday for booster shots.

Wolfy brings laughter and joy into our lives.  Our video camera quit working but we continue to snap still shots.

I will continue to forward pics to you. 

Take care,

F. Steube

Wolfy at 12 weeks of age!

Hi Shelley,

Chateau De Chief's Samson  is doing GREAT...we
love him very much...He is truly part of our family...We took him to the vet
for his 1 yr check up...He is approx. 29 3/4 at the shoulder... and 128lbs.
HUGE...but not a ounce of fat on him...I wish I could say the same about ME!!!
In the past 2 months, His personality has really developed...he is a big
and is great with other animals and people.....he is friendly to everyone......

I hope all is well with you...I like the new
pictures on the sight....R. DiGregorio

Hi Shelley:
I wanted to let you know that Xena is doing fine.  She was excellent on the ride home.  She's in love with Ava (the Brit) and follows her all around. 
Ava (smarty that she is) realizes that she is a baby. 

She slept in her crate last night and got up 3 times for potty breaks.  No messes in the house yet.  She isn't afraid of anything and has already mastered the one front step which is a little too high but she manages to pull herself up. 

We want to thank you for the obvious care you gave to the puppies and how well-adjusted she is.  All the credit is yours.

Thank you.
Talk to you soon.
Ann and Peter

Xena the Warrior Princess!

Dear Shelley,

Hope you have a beautiful Christmas.  Dusty is approaching five and he is a wonderful companion. He is perfect! He sends his love.  His chest and rump are still broadening.  You promised me he'd stop growing :)  Hugs to all your puppies!

Mike, Elaine and Dusty 


Hi Shelley!
We took Kodi to the vet yesterday for her well visit and shots.  Vet liked her alot, loved her temperament.    She now weighs 27
lbs at 10 weeks.  Her right ear is doing a pretty good job of standing up, left ear is still a little floppy (up about 1/2 way). I am still wrestling with the little devil, trying to get her to stack , and walk like a lady. 
At least food seems to be an incentive for this  pup!  Just wanted to keep ya posted.


Hi Shelley!

I just weighed Kodi today.  She is 5 1/2 months old  and weighs 73 pounds.  Either she is going to be a big girl, or I need to get her on a diet!  LOL!   I saw her pic on the KS website today, and want to thank you for putting it there.  I am very proud of my not so little girl!!!!!!!!!

Kodi at her first show!

Kodi at 7 1/2 months, 96 pounds (on the right) and her buddy Grizz.

Hi Shelley,
How are you?.  How's the baby?.  Major is doing great, I can't say anything more about him! I got the letter the other day, do we have to sign it and send it back to you? Major's ears are coming up, they're about half way up on both sides. His training is coming along great , I started doing Down with him today, No Problem! I think by 6 months he should be ready for the C.G.C. award or maybe an obedience event.  Still no shows around town, yet Gotta go call you soon...
See Ya,
B. Pac

Hello Shelley,

Sorry I haven't had a chance to write till now!  Jasmine is doing
beautifully!  I can honestly say I have never dealt with a dog like her.  She is everything you said she would be...So intelligent, eager to please, loves to play, so easy to work with!  We *love* her! 

The vet visit was as I expected - All four of them gathered round to admire- and none had ever seen a King Shepherd.  They were impressed to say the least!  Dr. Egnor gave me all kinds of information about The Magic Valley Kennel Club, invited me to their meeting on Tuesday, and to the conformation
class on Wed.  She wants for me to wait until Jasmine has completed her vaccinations to bring her, but thinks it would be helpful for me to come and observe.  Apparently she is very active in the organization and was excited for me to introduce the breed. 

Anyway, Jasmine was such a good girl!  In fact, she slept through her injection...Dr. Egnor and I had been talking for a while about showing, and I guess she just needed her nap...Dr. Egnor said she was in top shape, did not appear thin (I have been worrying over this), and absolutely thought her coat
looked gorgeous.  She was very impressed with your vitamin regime.  As a matter of fact, she seemed extremely impressed about everything.  She copied the Standard of the Breed for her personal records.  Oh, Jasmine weighs 43 pounds.  I have started her on the ProPlan Lamb and Rice formula, she still
is "grazing" a lot.  She looks to me like she is growing, getting taller.  She seems to be losing that roly-poly look! 

I will write more about our escapades later (yep, she rolled in the mud). Hope all is well with you, write when you get a chance.  Thanks again, Shelley for this fantastic pup. 

Oh, Shelley, the funniest part was everybody saying, "Look at her FEET!", gasping and shaking their heads.

Needless to say, she was a BIG HIT!  LOL!

April and Jasmine

8 month old Jasmine.

Hi Shelley,

Sorry it took so long to update you on Zeus' progress, but we have been busy with softball & summer. I will forward some pictures on to you next week. He is a beautiful dog- very friendly & sweet. We socialized him by taking him to all of our daughter's high school softball games. He was so well behaved-he
slept thru most of them! But he became the girls' mascot. They made it all the way to the regional playoffs, with Zeus right along with them!!
He is just over 6 mos. old now & weighs about 90lbs. He is already taller than Thor, our malamute, much to Thor's dismay! They get along really well-Zeus learned how to play-fight quickly.  We took him to puppy class & he graduated to beginner's with ease. He knows how to fetch, catch a tennis ball, sit, stay, down, come, heel & loves the tunnel on the obstacle course!
His only fault is that he loves all dogs, but wants to play the same way with all of them like he plays with Thor. Unfortunately, he scares some of them.  We're working on that with him. He has truly enriched our household!
Deb and Zeus

Zeus at 8 weeks of age!

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