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Testimony Pictures
Dear Shelley,

I have enclosed a picture of my King Shepherd "Petunia".  As you can see, she is beautiful beyond compare.  She is a large dog and very sweet-tempered.  However, let someone enter the backyard when one of her family is nearby, and they won't get far unless we tell her it is okay.  She is my constant companion, and we go for long walks.  My husband says he never worries as long as Petunia is along.

She has a small stash of stuffed animal "babies" that she carries around the house, and as my 13-year-old daughter, Rachel, says, "Petunia thinks she's my Mom".  Every morning Petunia heads upstairs to wake Rachel up by jumping up in bed, giving her several kisses and then laying down next to her.  I can even tell her to "Go get Rachel," and she's off to find her and nudge her to me.  During the summer, she jumps in the swimming pool throughout the day and swims the length two or three times and then she always swims alongside Rachel to keep an eye on her.

I am a dog lover and have had several breeds share my life, but Petunia has won all of our hearts, hands down.  Thank you for your exacting standards while raising this beautiful breed.  Your hard work shows.



Petunia and Rachel!

Dear Shelley,

Didn't think it was possible but with each passing year we adore our wonderful King Shepherd Cleopatra, more and more.  She is so loving and cuddly, anxious to please, and still likes to play with toys especially stuffed animals.  She often walks around with a talking teletubby.  Every night she jumps up onto my bed and lies as close to me as she can get.  Sometimes her head is on the other pillow- should have gotten a king size bed, though you'd think a queen bed would be fitting for a Cleopatra!

We wish your family the best for the coming year.  We all need good news in 2002.  Thanks again for Cleopatra; we cherish her and always will.  We see another King Shepherd in our future and very much look forward to the day when we can come and get that ball of fluff!

Happy New Years to you and yours,

The Libby Family

Hi Shelley,
Well here is our little baby Cassie.  I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know she is doing FABULOUS!!!  So much for our calm little girl!! She have become very mischevious and quite active.  I guess she had to get acclimated to her new home.  (I actually think she is learning her name) .
I just wanted to let you know that she is GREAT and we LOVE HER!!!  Thanks again!! 

Baby Cassie!


May God Bless you and your family this holiday season and for the new year.  How are you?  I hope you are well!  We all send your family our love.  Thank you for letting me have such a beautiful dog.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Joe, Patty, Pammy, Ceaser Bear and Bobbie

Ceasar Bear on his walk!

Hey Shelley,

All is fantastic, Axel is doing great and he is looking more BEAUTIFUL every day. We took him to town to walk the Mainstreet on Saturday and I hope to take him to a Santa Claus parade or similar event soon. it is really good for him to be out and about with people and noises and stuff.

keep me posted!


Axel at 6 1/2 months of age and his baby.

Hi Shelley,

Just a note to let you know Syngen and I had a safe and quite comfortable trip home arriving Monday about 10 pm.  Syngen made the trip like he had been traveling all his life, never missed a meal.  He even went to the REHAB Center and met Granny and made his debut with continuous compliments.  He will make his first trip to school guard crossing later this morning and has his first vet appointment Thursday am.  Will keep you updated, I couldn't be
happier, he's everything and more that I ever hoped for.

Wishing you and your family much happiness throughout the holidays and into the new year.

Thanks for everything,

Dar and Syngen


Hi Shelley,

Sorry it took so long but it has been kind of crazy around here.  Anyway here is a picture of our pup, his name is Lucky and he is my 6 year old little girl's best friend. They love each other.
Happy Holidays
PS.  He is in perfect health and condition

Lucky the Puppy!

Hi Shelley!

How are you?  Chance is doing great! He's at least doubles in size. He is sooooo cooooool!  He doesn't take a treat from anyone but us! That's natural. He wasn't taught to do that. Off the leash he stays right by us. He sits there and stares at you. Just watches everything you do. I'll be watching TV and he's sitting there staring at me.

Do you remember the potato chip remark you made when we were the about not being able to have just one?  A couple of weeks ago my husband said he wanted another one.  This from the man who didn't want another dog in the first place!

I want to thank you for breeding the best dog I've ever had. He's everything in your breed description and more. He's like a dog in a puppy body. He follows me everywhere I go except the bathroom. When we walk through the hallway he will grab an empty pop can. I usually don't know he has it until I see him with it, his mouth is so soft. It's a game with him. When I see he has it he'll give it back.

Talk to you soon,


Dear Shelley and Family,

Hope you all have a terrific Holiday Season.  Zeus is doing just great - he is a sweet big boy.  Still has a lot of puppy in him.  His very favorite things to do are to play ball and ride in the car.  What a life!

Hoping Your Holiday Dreams come true.


The Hobarts

Zeus at 18 months!

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