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Testimony Pictures
Hi Shelley!

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what an excellent puppy Sisco is.  Smarter than all getout ! ! !  Thanks again for the great puppy. My daughter loves him (we all do) and he`s into everything ! ! !

P.S. - Don`t forget I`ll be looking for a LARGE female very soon. Make sure to keep me informed.

Ali and Sisco at 8 weeks!

Hi Shelley,

This is Kudo with Cara at 1 1/2 years old.  Thought you would like to see him.  He has gained some weight since then.  He is a very good boy.


Kudo - approx 140 pounds - 1 1/2 years of age.

Hi Shelley!

  Sally is doing great!  She is doing good on her potty outside
and really eats good like you said. What a joy. She misses you though and her Mom. I can tell she is a little confused where everyone went???  She really is beautiful Shelley. We cant get over her coat and play with the fur to see the colors, its amazing. Its going to be fun to watch her grow.
I'll send better pictures soon, thanks again for everything.


Sally - 8 weeks!

Hi Shelley,

Its been awhile. Here are some pictures of him, we couldn't be more happy with him. We think he turned out quite handsome. He,loves to play with his frisbee. Very much the home body wont let us out of his sight, Thanks again Shelley, we love him so much. Our home is now complete again since we got him. Hope everything is well with you and your family, have a wonderful summer.


Maximus at 8 months!

Hi Shelley,
Thanks for all the info.   I cannot believe how well Frauline is behaving.  When she starts to chew on something naughty I tell her no and she immediately stops and lays down on her blanket (I laid out a big blanket in the fireplace room and put lots of toys on it - it's sorta "her" spot).  She is amazing.  She is continuing to pee outside almost every time I take her out and she continues to poop outside (hasn't had one of those types of accidents at all inside the house).  She is quite the jealous little one.  Everytime Mondo comes near Bryan or I to play she jumps in between us and lays down.  I do believe she is the "NEW BOSS" of the house. 
Well, obviously I could go on & on because she is such a spectacular little girl but I am sure your eyes will start getting tired from reading all my "motherly bragging".
I hope you have a great day tomorrow,

Frauline - 8 weeks!

Hi Shelley

What a love she is. . .

Jackie B

Willow at 4 months of age!


Nicki is such a beautiful girl.  I love her very much. . .


La Femme Nikita!

Hi Shelley,
I'm glad you liked the photos. I was a little leery about taking her to watch the torch runners because I knew it would be very crowded. We had  kids running all over and bikes flying by, and more people than she had ever seen. She was an angel!! She sat next to me and watched it all with rapt attention. One of the cars with a couple of Olympians came by and the girls were complimenting her as they went by. Little kids were saying 'mommy look how big that dog is!" NO one could believe she was still a puppy , I am a very proud mom. This dog is a total joy to be around, she is amusing, intelligent, and she never even makes me raise my voice, that is a first for me as far as puppies go. Well obviously I could go on and on so I'll say by for now and Thank you again.

Zoe 30" 110 lbs at 12 months!

Zoe with the Olympic Torch carrier in CO!

Hi Shelley-

Wanted to send you a couple of new pics of Sadie Marie.  She is doing wonderful and growing like a weed.  At her vet appointment last monday she weighed 29 pounds at 11 weeks.  She has developed an extremely curious nature about all of the things around her and has to be with us at all times.  She loves to travel in the vehicle with us and is disappointed when she does not get to go, which by the way is not very often.

Well, that's all for now, we will keep you updated.

P.S.   Also, would like to get some info on possibly another pup.  We love this one more than you know.

The Elswicks


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