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Testimony Pictures
Hi Shelley,
I finally got around to scanning some pictures of Stella into my computer.  She is 9 months old now, and I think you will see, quite attractive!  There is some pictures of her with my kids, one of my husband playing with her (she is his favorite person now, because he is the main person to play with her, and she LIVES for playing!) and a picture of her with Mufasa, my big, old Mastiff. 
I will update you with more pictures as she continues to grow...
Best regards,

Stella at 9 months!

Dear Shelley,

Troy is beautiful. The picture you sent us doesn't do him justice.  He is more than we expected.. We'll keep you posted.

Take care,

Rod and TK


Hi Shelley,

Thanks so much for calling this evening - it was great talking with you!  I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions.  I thought you might like to see a few more recent pictures.  We have added a new member to our menagerie - a Norwegian Forest Cat named Voinic - who as it turns out, is fearless and thinks he rules the roost.  Sometimes I think he's part dog since he plays with the dog's toys, lounges on the floor, drinks out of the dog's water bowls and even likes to hang out in Kona's crate.  Very strange!  One night he laid on the floor and played with Kona's tail.  Kona takes it all in stride and is amazingly tolerant.

I'll keep you posted on Kona's progress.

Take care,

Kona and friends!

Hi Shelley,

How are you, Coco and Bear are doing great!

Bear is 2 1/2 years he is 32" and 131 pounds, he is an Alfa male - huge strong and agile,
Coco is 1 1/2  and she is 27 1/2" and 102 pounds.
Best Regards,



Hi Shelley,

We love Wolfy!


Wolfy and family!

Hi Shelley:
Haven't "talked" to you in a while, but wanted to send you the latest picture of Samantha.
The bunny's pretty scary!  She has tons of energy!  Hope all is well with you and your family.
Have a Happy Easter
Ginny (& Cliff & Samantha)

Samantha 1 years old!

Hi Shelley,

What a weekend for you, no?  Congrats to all your Kings!!!!  Here's hoping all the people & dogs got home safe, to enjoy a spectacular Halloween.  It's crisp here, but dry, just like the days of old.  Hope the boys have a gas this year.

He is really my right hand man, I couldn't be any prouder of him, Shelley.  He really is my life-saver!!!!  Thanks again for the great advice.

Have fun & Happy Halloween!!

Kathy & Orion


Hi Shelley,

Just sending along an update of Sabre.  He is a big strong handsome dog and we are very pleased with his markings, especially on his face and neck. He loves the snow and the cold doesn't bother him a bit. He does well with obedience and is smart and easy to train.  He loves to lay on the doorstep on the east side of the house in the sunshine and he always sticks close to home and doesn't roam.  He is showing lots of potential. We are very happy with Sabre as he is turning out to be an awesome dog!




Hi Shelley,

We had 14 inches of snow recently and Kona is in seventh heaven. When asked if he wants to go "outside," he barks and starts spinning in circles. He adores running, leaping, chasing after snowballs, chewing on icicles and just lounging in the snow when he gets tired.

Kona is quite the character and has such a playful spirit. He and Spot, our 15 pound cat, have developed a game which is hysterical to watch.
Spot jumps up on the chair in the kitchen and then Kona proceeds to either lick him or gently gnaw on his head, ears, tail or legs. Spot half-heartedly whacks at Kona and when he's had enough, just gets up and leaves. Kona is not shy about recruiting us to play with him and he'll bring various toys over to us. If we don't notice him, he'll push the toys into our legs or hands or drop them on our heads if we're lying down on the couch to get our attention.

The dog therapy community service program is going very well. Every other week Josh, two of his friends and 3 dogs (Kona, Morgan and Sari the Chihuahua) all pile into the truck and we head up to an assisted living facility. The residents just love to see the dogs and get a kick out of the variation in sizes. They adore Kona and can't get over how big and handsome he is. Josh does a great job handling Kona and takes him around to visit with everyone. We sang Christmas carols during our visit this week and Kona joined in with some yips and howls.

We hope you and your family have a very happy holiday season.

Jean, Jeff and Josh


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