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Testimony Pictures

Here are some pictures of Brute, he is getting big and independent!  He is beautiful! 

Brute at 3 months of age!


Kane is an awesome dog! We love him! He adjusted to us almost instantly. Great personality, ready to go on car rides and loves the girls. We have no complaints. Kane is growing so fast that it seems he grows an inch or two ever night. He is a great dog; he kind of reminds me of a new kid in the family. A two year old to be exact. He knows when he is doing wrong and waits for you to turn your head. I could go on and on, but I won't.




Kane at 8 weeks!

Dear Shelley,

I thought I would send you some pictures of Brutus.  I must say I did not believe you when you told me about the King Shepherds behavior.  I thought, "Well he is a dog and I'll love him no matter what he does".  He is wonderful.  It is true that he does not jump on us when we come home.  If we have bags in our hands he waits patiently for us to put them down.  Then he sits so nice and we pet him, however, look out if you don't!  Her will run after you and kind of pushes against your leg, "Hey, I'm here so pet me!".

Blacky was my first dog so he has always had a special spot in my heart.  But I must say Brutus has stolen my heart also.  I can not even imagine not having him here with us.

I think that Brutus does not think that plants belong in the house!  He likes to take them out of the pots.  He'll leave a pot of dirt alone.  So I have some fake plants, a small price to pay to have him.  I enjoy him everyday.  He is so playful.  He loves to chase shadows like a cat.  He pounces on them.  Imagine a huge dog like him pouncing on the floor.  Sometimes I'm afraid that he is going to break his nose.  He also jumps like a kangaroo, all four legs come off of the ground at the same time!

There is so much more that I can write about Brutus, but I will be here all day.  So again, thank you.



Brutus at 8 months and his 3 year old Black GSD "brother"!

Good Morning Shelley,
Frauline is doing wonderful.  Bryan taught her how to roll over.  It is really cute how she learned it.  He put her in a sit, then rest position and then to roll.  So now when you say Fraul roll over she instantly goes into a rest (laying down) position, then rolls to over to one side.  She is  She learned it in a couple of days. 

The vet called me this afternoon.  I was so flattered when the she told me today that we got a heck of a deal getting Frauline.  She said she is an excellent dog and was very impressed with her.

Saturday, Karen, (her son Brent), Shelli (her Shepherd Vinnie) and I went to watch the show and when I got there I regretted not bringing Frauline.  I was worried about how she would behave so I had left her home.  Well fortunately for me (I have good friends), Karen & Shelli said they would go back with me today.  So, Karen, Brent, Shelli (her two boys and St. Bernard), me & Frauline went back.  Frauline was totally awesome.  She behaved exceptionally well.  I would say for the first half hour Frauline was completely alert and registered on the dogs completing the competitions.  After that I think she was disappointed because she wasn't able to have any fun and she decided to just hang out and lay low with us. 


Keep in touch,

Frauline at 8 months!

Hi Shelley,

I want to thank you for meeting with us today, we most certainly enjoyed
our time with you.  You are a lovely person, and we absolutely love the dogs.  I still can't get over how beautiful the dogs are.  The photos do not do them justice.

I am especially impressed with Bustah.  He is exactly the size dog we
are looking for, and has the perfect temperament that we desire.

My daughter was so surprised at how gentle all the dogs were, and how well they responded to your commands.

Armand and I are truly looking forward to our little puppy even more so after seeing your beautiful dogs.

Again, thank you so very much for giving of your time, we can imagine how busy you must be with three little children, a husband, and your Kings to take care of.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Dorothy S.
Dear Shelley,

Enclosed find a few pictures of Big Joe.  He is my Pride and Joy.  I am very happy with him.  He is just like a little kid.  Every day he is better and better.  His training is going great.  I want to find him a real good looking mate.  He needs a mate to keep him busy.  I'll keep in touch.


Big Joe! 30" 140 pounds at 24 months of age!

Big Joe!

Hi Shelley.

Bel is doing well,   We are tracking her growth closely so that I can use her as a standard for future dogs.  At 7 months she is about 26" and 78lbs.   She looks huge compared to when we brought her home, she is already busting out of the GSD standard, but I have no comparison as to where she might end up, or when she will max out.  I am assuming that by 12 months she will be within 1 inch or 2 or so of her final height and 20-25 pound in her final weight. Her temperament is great.  Very obedient and eager to please and quick to learn. We finally got some pictures developed of her a month or so ago.  We don't have a scanner and I am not technologically up to speed with getting them into the computer so I will have to send you some slow mail.

We also just wanted to let you know that Bel did her Penn Hip, and although I haven't gotten the official results back yet, the vet showed me the x-rays and said they were some of the best hips he had seen in a large breed dog.  He was confident that the results would be around .3 so that is good news.

Good to hear about the litter.   Let me know how the male pups look.  As I said, I do not care about color, more just coat type and size.


Hey Shelley,

Axel is doing great and Indy is quite the character!  Daulton loves the dogs.


Axel and Daulton!

Indy at 8 weeks!

Hi Shelley,

Tucker is magnificent and the sweetest spirit.  I'm so happy I 
found you and therefore him.  Just feeling grateful.  Know I need to get you a photo...  Hope you're well!


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